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Sapphire Blue Collection


The attention of today’s people is mostly directed towards the use of gemstone in their jewelry. However, people of old times were not aware of the importance of rocks, so they didn’t use them much. Sapphire is an example of the most charming and precious gemstones known for its striking blue color. Although sapphire occurs in a variety of colors, blue is the most appealing of it.
A sapphire is mainly obtained from corundum mineral. As we all know, none of the minerals occurs purely, so does a sapphire. It is a mix of minerals that went through the mineral depositing process to produce beautiful and rare sapphire gemstone.
The chemical formula of sapphire is Al2O3.


Sapphire stone is found in countries like Tanzania, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, China, Kenya, the USA, Vietnam, and many other than mentioned ones. Sapphires from every region differ in their chemical structure and appearance.


The name sapphire is acquired of the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek term “sapheiros,” meaning blue. It is believed that the name sapphire is associated with the planet various languages, the name can be translated and mean “dear to the planet Saturn.”
Blue sapphires were considered as a holy stone for Catholics and to Ancient Persians. They believed that their reflection made the sky, and to some religions, the blue color represents heavens. However, in the Middle Ages, people believed that wearing sapphire suppresses negative thoughts and can cure natural ailments.


Like other stones, sapphire also comes in various colors, from healthy to vivid color saturation. Sapphire blue is the flagship of the sapphire color and also known as the king of the sapphire varieties. The sapphire blue in Urdu is also known as Neelam stone(نیلم ).The yellow sapphire in Urdu is known as Phukraj(پکھراج).Down blue in article we have discussed different colors and types of precious and natural occurring  sapphire gifted by mother nature.

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Sapphires are not too rare, but the untreated sapphire of high quality is extremely hard to see.
A naturally obtained sapphire has slight flaws in it, which doesn’t mean that it is not right, but it is the mark of its uniqueness and being genuine. If you see a flawless sapphire, you are mostly looking at a lab-created sapphire.
As gemstones take a thousand years to form, scientists can make sapphire artificially relatively less. These lab-created sapphire are obtained from the synthetic forms of corundum, which are comparatively less expensive and more flawless than the naturally occurring sapphire.


A sapphire can cost from $20 a carat to $450 a carat depending upon its quality and way it has been treated. Other than that, variation in shape, size, and type is also an essential factor influencing the cost of sapphire. A small yet high-quality sapphire can be much expensive than the bigger one having low quality.


Other than blue sapphire, there is a number of the kinds of sapphire, including:

Pink sapphires:

Pink sapphire is created with the presence of chromium during the process, and pink sapphire is mostly famous for making engagement rings as they are beautifully romantic.

Yellow sapphires:

Yellow sapphire varies in its shades and is usually vibrant, and is suitable for most jewelry. This yellow sapphire has some of its similarities with a yellow diamond, and it is actually a good alternative of the diamond, cheaper though.
Green sapphires:
Green sapphire has pale or deep intense shade or some shade in between, perhaps, but they are lesser to be seen.

White sapphires:

Just as yellow sapphire is a cheaper alternative of the yellow diamond, white sapphire is also an alternative for a diamond at less cost obviously. The only difference to be noted between the diamond and the sapphire is that sapphire doesn’t have much brilliance and light as diamonds have.


Sapphire is widely used in jewelry, including necklace, rings, bracelets, and earrings, and is usually used in pendants. Sapphire is a birthstone of people born in September, so they are most likely to wear the stone in bracelets, rings, or pendants.


Iolite (magnesium iron aluminum cyclosilicate), blue Tourmaline (crystalline boron silicate mineral), and blue Zircon (zirconium silicate) may resemble blue Sapphire but are comparatively softer than the sapphire. People may mistake color varieties of sapphire as other gemstones, but the inclusion of sapphire and hardness can be a way to distinguish between them.
Ways to Tell the Difference between Natural and Synthetic Sapphires

• To tell the contrast between natural and artificial difference, look into its physical appearance. A naturally occurring sapphire have inclusions and is not much clear, whereas, synthesized sapphires are much more transparent than the natural ones and exist without inclusions.

• Price tag also helps to identify whether a sapphire is natural or lab-prepared. A naturally occurring sapphire is more expensive than the artificial one.
As sapphire is a hard gemstone so it can be cleaned easily. You can use warm and soapy water to wash it. In addition to it, you can also clean it using water with some tinge of ammonia. The precautionary measure is to be taken if a sapphire you have is fractured; you shouldn’t use the mechanical cleaning method to be disintegrated. Inclusion in stone may weaken its structure. Coming in contact with the chemical wearing stone also damage the gem.


Since sapphire is one of the most expensive and precious gems due to its unique structure and beautiful colors, the original ring’s cost is also quite expensive. Our sapphire ring cost starts from 10k per to 5 lac per depending on the quality, variety, dimensions, weight, and other factors.
If you are buying sapphire from a local market, you have to buy it very carefully because the merchants can easily bluff in the sapphire price segment. Only buy the sapphire from the trusted shops. The sapphire ring is one of the most beautiful jewelry to wear and gift someone special. Mostly the blue sapphire rings attract the women as well as men.
The Blue sapphire ring is one of the symbols of royalty and class. You can book or customize a blue sapphire ring on-demand at the best rates from the market. Moreover, you can get add on laboratory certificate for your sapphire.
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The reason behind the best prices for the sapphire ring is because we sell. 100% original and natural sapphire, unlike other shops that bluff customers with synthetic or bad quality sapphire. Since most of you know our tagline, “Precious gems for precious people.” we genuinely own it and follow it.


Buying sapphire might be a difficult task if you do not have much knowledge about them. It is difficult to know whether the gem you bought is original and free from inclusion or not. Only gemologists can tell if your gem is original or fake. In order to know the originality of your sapphire consider the following points
• First of all, ask for the certificate of the desirable gem.
• Perform breath test. Original sapphire take 1 to 2 seconds to clear whereas artificial ones may take up to 5 seconds.
• Look for inclusions or bubbles.
• Check for the scratches in the stone.
• You can also ask any gemologist to identify if the sapphire is real.
• Consider buying it from certified people.
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